G291/E-L0387 – Joint Information System/Joint Information Center Planning for Tribal, State and Local PIOs


This one-day course will outline the communications needed for different incidents and define the roles of the PIO within ICS. The E/L 0387 is the course version we often offer on-campus just prior to the 0388 course for students who don’t have access to the training in their states.


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • State the course purpose and objectives. (Unit 1)

  • Describe why public information officers train at this level. (Unit 1)

  • Define NIMS, and explain where public information fits in. (Unit 2)

  • Define ICS and the role of the PIO within ICS. (Unit 2)

  • Analyze the communications needs of a single-PIO incident. (Unit 2)

  • Given a 5% scenario, analyze the actions and barriers to communications in an expanding incident. (Unit 3)

  • Describe the advantages and challenges of working with multiple PIOs. (Unit 3)

  • Differentiate between the JIS and the JIC. (Unit 4)

  • Describe triggers for JIC activation. (Unit 4)

  • Describe the preparedness activities for establishing and maintaining a JIC. (Unit 4)

  • Describe flexible and scalable structures for organizing a JIC based on incident needs. (Unit 4)

  • Describe circumstances when State and Federal partners might be integrated into the JIS/JIC. (Unit 5)

  • Describe the State JIC organizational structures and resources. (Unit 5)

  • Describe the Federal ESF #15 organizational structures and resources. (Unit 5)

  • Identify strategies for building partnerships at all levels. (Unit 5)

  • Given a 5% scenario, demonstrate organizing a JIC. (Unit 6)

  • Recall course key points. (Unit 7)


Target Audience

The primary audience for this training is individuals who have public information responsibilities as their main job or as an auxiliary function at the federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial level of government, and in the private and nongovernmental sectors.

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