Incident Solutions exercise planners design realistic and challenging emergency management exercises.  From establishing the scope of the exercise, setting exercise objectives, creating an exercise scenario, and developing exercise documentation, Incident Solutions exercise planners can lead and facilitate the exercise design process in accordance with HSEEP guidance.


When incorporated into the development of the scenario and overall exercise design, simulation can bring versatility, cost savings, and fidelity to exercises.  Often manifested through a “Sim-Cell”, simulation during an exercise supports decision-making processes by providing feedback to players during exercise play, thus dynamically representing the impact of their decisions.  Incident Solutions exercise planners bring real-world experience to create realistic and engaging exercise simulation.



Exercise evaluation maintains the fundamental link between the exercise and improvement planning.  Incident Solutions exercise evaluators assess process and capabilities and document these observations in HSEEP compliant After Action Reports (AARs).  Incident Solutions designed exercises also create the environment for individual performance evaluation and the completion of Position Task Books (PTBs) to obtain qualifications.

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