System training is the foundation of Incident Command System (ICS) training and serves as the basis for all subsequent training, including position and team training. Courses at this level provide an overview of how ICS works, including principle features, common terminology, key concepts, organizational structure, and a basic awareness level understanding of functional and position roles and responsibilities, interactions, and processes.  System training covers increasingly complex ICS topics and concepts as it advances from the 100 to the 400 level.


Position training is more advanced than systems training and goes into greater detail on how to execute the roles and responsibilities of a specific position within the Incident Command System. This training immerses students in the detailed expected outcomes, necessary interactions, products and deliverables, processes, and the techniques necessary to be successful in the performance of their specific position in ICS.  Position training is designed to instill much of the key knowledge required to enable an individual to perform the duties of a specific position beyond the basic level as a member of an Incident Management Team.



Team training prepares a group of individuals to function together as an Incident Management Team (IMT) in a scenario driven training session.  Usually participants have completed position training and may have worked together before. The complexity level of team training also increases commensurate with the qualifications, capabilities and needs of the attendees.

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